Title: Office Manager
Location: Columbus, OH
Reports to: Operations Manager and CEO

Summary of Position:

The Office manager shall perform a variety of tasks that will drive operational compliance, fiscal accountability and company culture while maintaining our core values of safety, quality, industry expertise and customer satisfaction. The position shall consist of managing online vendors that manage payroll, recruiting, marketing, accounting, leasing, finance, legal and human resources. Ensuring record keeping is completed and in compliance. Provides courteous interactions with clients and staff while performing all duties.

Duties + Responsibilities:

  • Reconciles receipts between vendors and account statements.
  • Creates and provides revisions to operational procedures as new systems are implemented.
  • Responds to company emails directed to the office manager.
  • Creates, updates and distributes company handbooks, training guides and data collection records.
  • Manages file systems for all documents in Google Drive.
  • Creates Google ads using Google Ad Words to meet service and budget objectives.
  • Inputs vendor receipts and payments in Quickbooks Online.
  • Creates and manages employee files.
  • Creates updates to staff metrics for structured incentive plan.
  • Creates and sends client service notifications by email.
  • Submits weekly, monthly and quarterly allocations reports for payroll, sales tax and accounts payable.
  • Submits procedural documents for legal revisions to company attorneys when directed.
  • Creates and updates interoffice cloud documents.
  • Verifies and ensures appropriate record keeping methods are accurate and recorded.
  • Creates and updates service documents.
  • Creates social media posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter monthly based on service objectives.
  • Creates email campaigns using MailChimp to meet company objectives as needed.
  • Creates, updates and revises recruiting platforms to meet hiring objectives as needed.
  • Manages credit card receipts and methods for compliance.


A valid driver’s license with no more than 3 points is required. We strongly recommend having an associate’s degree for consideration. Ability to create and share word documents. Strong verbal communication is required. Ability to use email as primary written communication with strong spelling, email etiquette and technical writing competency. Ability to resolve conflicts with personnel across the organization including clients. A strong working knowledge of Google documents is required. Able to create and implement file organization in Google Drive cloud systems. Able to construct, organize and facilitate meetings with talking points and agendas. Must have a working knowledge and basic ability to navigate various mobile platforms i.e Garmin and Android.


This position is part-time and scheduling is flexible. Requires two office days between Monday and Friday. A 16 hour work week are the minimum hours provided.