We started Grasshuggers because spending summer days whether by picnic or frisbee in the grass is one of our favorite ways to have a great time; doing so, on a well maintained lawn makes it even more enjoyable.
about grasshuggers

women + veteranOwned

As women business owners, our drive comes from our passion for nature. Our professionalism comes from serving in the Marines and our advanced training and studies of plant life. Sustaining healthy lawns, nurturing thriving plants and maintaining gardens is what we love to do!

We operate with a simple value. We treat our clients as we want to be treated. We like being treated great, as we are confident, you do too! We offer lawn mowing, lawn care services, landscaping maintenance, mosquito control, renovation and design.

We've utilized established cultural practices and integrated pest management solutions to maintain and design landscapes throughout Columbus and central Ohio since 2011.