Lawn Seeding

Ohio lawns may thin out from things like insect damage, heat stress, weed competition, lawn diseases and mechanical damages. Our overseeding service will help fill in thinning areas of the lawn.

If you are in need of a do over, check out our slice seeding service. We offer patch repair too!

Service is available in parts of Columbus, Westerville, Gahanna, New Albany, Bexely and Upper Arlington.


  • A: Overseeding is when grass seed is spread throughout an existing lawn to increase the density of the grass. This method is widely recommended as a culture practice in maintaining a beautiful lawn.
    Q: What is overseeding?
  • A: Overseeding would not effectively repair large bare areas. Our slice seeding service would be the best way to repair those areas. When we complete your physical evaluation we would recommend what would work best.
    Q: Will overseeding fill in large bare areas?
  • A: To achieve optimal results and quick germination, it is recommended that new seed be watered daily so that the top half inch of the soil always remains moist. Once your overseeding service is completed you will receive personalized aftercare watering instructions.
    Q: Do I have to water after overseeding?
  • A: We complete overseeding in the early fall, as this is the best time to achieve optimal germination results due to the cool temperatures of the season.
    Q: When is overseeding completed?