Lawn Repair Service

Does your lawn need a complete do-over? We offer mechanical slice seeding also known as slit seeding. This service will mechanically plant grass seed directly into the soil at the perfect depth to allow for a new lawn to grow in.

This service can be added in the spring or summer depending on your lawn’s landscape. Heavily-treed areas should be done in the spring when the tree’s canopy is bare. Other lawns should be done in the fall to evade the hot summer heat stress.

Service is available in parts of Columbus, Westerville, Gahanna, New Albany, Bexely and Upper Arlington.


  • A: Slice seeding is a cultural practice that machinally plants grass seed into the soil to create optimal seed to soil contact when renovating or planting a new lawn.
    Q: What is slice seeding?
  • A: It's not that one is better, rather sodding provides an "instant lawn" that will still require continual care to maintain it's healthy look. Slice seeding requires less initial investment.
    Q: Is slice seeding better than having sod installed?
  • A: We recommend keeping off newly seeded areas for at least 4-6 weeks before resuming normal foot traffic. It takes grass seed 6 months to get it's strength and endurance to better withstand environmental pressure and cultural uses; so the longer you are able to stay off of it the better it will do.
    Q: How long does it take for slice seeding to mature to a usable lawn for normal everyday use?
  • A: It will be important to consistently water your newly seeded areas immediately following your slice seeding service. Typically you will need to keep the first ½ inch of soil moist until germination is visible. Afterwhich, you will switch to deep watering the first 1 inch of soil to encourage root development. We will send your personalized aftercare instructions following your service.
    Q: Do I have to water after slice seeding?