Mosquito And Tick Service

Spend more time outside enjoying the warm summer nights with our mosquito control services. We apply our mosquito control applications approximately every 21 days for optimum protection from mosquitoes and ticks that harbor diseases.

We apply these controls to non-pollinator plants where mosquitoes and ticks hide. We also offer organic mosquito & tick control too! Service is available in parts of Columbus, Westerville, Gahanna, New Albany, Bexely and Upper Arlington.


  • A: We target adult biting mosquitoes where they hide to significantly reduce and control their population within your landscape.
    Q: How do Mosquito applications work?
  • A: To achieve adult mosquito population control, we treat about every 21 days.
    Q: How often are applications applied?
  • A: Although our service will significantly reduce the mosquito activity on your property, mosquitoes from neighboring properties may travel. Using repellents is still recommended for added protection.
    Q: Will I still get bites following an application?
  • A: Yes! We offer organic applications that use natural oils to control adult mosquitoes.
    Q: Do you offer an Organic Mosquito application?