Organic Lawn Care

We use organic lawn fertilizers to feed lawns allowing for a healthy green lawn. We use a soil amendment to increase the lawn’s nutrient uptake. This method thickens lawn roots and requires less water maintenance in the hot summer months.

Natural lawns are a sustainable way to maintain a chemical free lawn. Organic lawns will still harbor weeds, but they will be green and chemical free.

Service is available in Columbus, Westerville, Gahanna, New Albany, Bexley and Upper Arlington.


  • A: Milorganite brand biosolids as a natural organic slow release fertilizer.
    Q: What type of organic fertilizer is used?
  • A: Ideally a weed free lawn, whether conventional or organic is not possible. However, combined with other cultural practices such as mowing the lawn on high, ensuring lawn areas receive weekly watering when no equivalent rainfall of an inch is received, overseeding yearly and aerating soil seasonally will all help keep your lawn healthy so that weeds don't spread in your lawn.
    Q: ​​Can I have a weed free lawn organically?
  • A: We make 4 organic lawn applications per season.
    Q: How many applications are applied in a season?
  • A: It's not necessary to water in Milorganite after application, which is one of it's great features. It stays on the soil until water and temperature conditions are just right for soil microbes to break down the nutrients in Milorganite for plants to use. Although not necessary, watering in Milorganite will ensure the fertilizer is in contact with the soil and speeds up the fertilization process.
    Q: Do I need to water organic lawn applications in?